Wes Anderson Theme Dinner

I had the Wes Anderson theme dinner at Elizabeth! It was my best dining experience ever in my life. Everything is on point. 

My reservation was at 6 p.m. but I overslept till 5:47, I felt really bad. shout out to my friend Tongxin who was waiting for me for almost an hour. I got to the restaurant, it is small and unnoticeable. The inside of the restaurant is delicate and you can see how the owner pays attention to the details. It has an open kitchen, we sat by the window, but we can still see the kitchen pretty well. Lighting was soft, I can see how they did some decorations for the Wes Anderson theme.

Here I wanna to share some pics with you!


I am pretty happy with the dished they made, only that they didn't do a dish inspired by Rushmore which is my favorite. They didn't do any dish inspired by Bottle Rocket, but I can see why. There was even a dish inspired by the newly released movie Isle of Dogs. You all should go watch that. 

This theme dinner is going til later this month (April), you still have chance to experience this one-of-a-kind dinner. GO!!! That's all I want to say. 

Effy Liu