Isle of Dogs

Did anyone watch it yet? 

When I found out that the movie is not going to release in Chicago til 27th, my heart was dead (it releases on 23rd, but usually the theaters have it on 22nd.) I took a trip to NOLA, and wasn't able to watch it in NOLA because it wont release there til April.

Yesterday, I finally watched the movie. IT IS GOLD!!

I mean it is not my favorite from Wes, prob not even going to make it to my top 3 list, but come on, it is still better than most of the movies, and I know it is only March, but it is going to my favorite movie of the year! 

I do not want to tell any plot. GO WATCH. From my point of view, Wes tried some new stuff in this movie, you can still see it is a typical Wes Anderson movie, but it is fresh. You can see some classic elements from the movie, the relationships of brothers, the animals of course, the using of futura,  the color, it is yellower than ever...

Lots of good stuff, once again, GO WATCH!!

Effy Liu