Starting A Business

For the second half of the semester, we are asked to make a business plan. Me and Delaney who is the creator of a super successful Kickstarter campaign want to create something together. 

We first thought about a service for people who like to go to events and organize events, but according to one of her sources, it will take too much time for us to do a completed plan. At the same time, we do not want to rush anything. So we decide to develop a series of products based on my Kickstarter campaign. 

Our goal is to keep the uniqueness of Inrolo and extend it into a home product brand. 

I am going to stop right here without giving more details of our business plan. It is way more difficult then what I expect it to be. I am glad we decided not to do the service/app thing. The business pitch is on April 26, fingers cross we can nail it. 


Effy Liu