Inrolo in Production (Spray Paint Is Killing Me)

I LOVE my Kickstarter campaign, but making them is taking longer as I thought. 

When I got funded after the fifth day I launched my campaign, I ordered material for making Inrolo, I know it is not a smart move just in case that people can still cancel my orders, but I still did. I am kind of glad I did too. 

The process took the longer is spray painting the frame, it is easy to mess up. I feel like I never wait long enough for the spray paint to dry even tho I feel like I waited for hours. I love seeing the color pop up and creating textures with the spray paint. I just wish it could take shorter amount of time. 

Other than that, everything is going well, I am actually able to finish production couple weeks earlier than I planned. Well, for now, lol.

Here are some pictures of my production, enjoy!!

Effy Liu