Airbnb Is Probably My Fav Traveling Website

Recently, I have been spending some time with my friend to plan our trip to Japan over summer! Since I will be going back to China for two months over summer, we decide we are finally going to do this trip that we have been talking about for years. 

Last summer, I took a trip to Europe that cost me so much money I had saved on my Japan trip. So for the trip to Japan, I can definitely use the money saving tools.

The biggest expense in a trip is probably flight ticket and staying. Hotel is obviously not a good choice. This is where Airbnb comes in.

I have been using Airbnb since 2015, the reason I start to use it was actually not because it is cheap. I remember we had 5 people on a road trip, and we want to stay close to a national park, with a local experience. They really want a cabin, instead of a hotel, that's why we ended up getting an Airbnb housing. The experience was one of a kind. 

Thinking about my trips, I can barely remember any hotel I stayed, but I remember each and every one of the Airbnb I stayed. Hotels, no matter how fancy they are, they feel like hotels. With Airbnb, it is not just the place you get to stay, you get to experience the local,  and you get to MAKE FRIENDS. 

Last year, according to the time I checked, they had a new category called "experience" which they provide different workshops, tours and other local travel services with someone from that city who is an artist, an exporter, a chef, etc... I loved it, just wish it can be cheaper.

Enough of the Airbnb talk for today, wish me luck on booking my Airbnb to Japan!

Effy Liu