Wes Anderson Theme Dinner

Two days ago, when I was posting/promoting on Reddit under the topic Wes Anderson, i found a post titled "Chicago residents: Elizabeth is hosting a Wes Anderson themed dinner this spring". Immediately I checked that out. The title made it pretty clear. 

For someone like me who has always been a HUGE fan of Wes Anderson, it's hard to not to book it even tho the price is high. Me and my friend book the dinner on March 21st, right before the movie "Isle of dogs" release because I want a full experience, at the same time I want to make sure I don't miss the premiere screen if Wes end up coming to Chicago again.

I would say all my works are somehow inspired by Wes, or maybe we just have similar aesthetic sense. 

I want to make this "talking about Wes Anderson" thing a regular topic on my blog, I hope whoever is reading is will like the idea. 

CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DINNER!! I will take photos and share it on my blog!

Photo by Timeout

Photo by Timeout

Effy Liu