Chicago's Best Workspace for Pottery Lover

In less than a week, I am going to launch my Kickstarter campaign! Words cannot describe how excited and nervous I am!! I would like to take a minute to invite you to our launch party. It is going to be on Thursday, Feb 1, from 5-7pm at Lost Arts, 1001 N. North Branch Street Chicago, IL 60642. Me and my classmates are going to present our campaigns for the first 30 to 40 mins. We are just going to celebrate for the rest of it, feel free to talk to us and ask any questions you may have! Here is the link for RSVP:

Anyway, my point for this blog is, I want to introduce you this awesome pottery studio called Penguin Foot, here in Chicago. I discovered it back in October, while I was doing research for my campaign. I decided not to use ceramic as my material, but I still went back to check what else they offer and I am glad I did.

They have this monthly membership kind of thing called independent study, which I signed up for, that is great for people who wants to do works by themselves. The great thing is you can come to the studio anytime as you want, and you can still ask questions about tools and other stuffs even it's called independent study. You get to use almost any tools as you like, any glaze they have, 25 lbs of clay, a locker and firing. I signed up for this like 5 days ago, and I have been there twice, I have enjoyed my experience there so far and I highly recommended this place. If you go during the week days, there are barely people there. It's great for you to chill during the weekdays and gives you a chance to expand your creativities. 

Below are some small objects I made at the first day i signed up. 


Go check this studio out, it is located at 2516 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647. Remember to check their schedule before you go there. 

Effy Liu