In last week's class, we have the opportunity to talk to Chadwick Parker, a successful business owner from Kickstarter. He runs a studio called Big Idea with his partner Joe, they both design and manage the business together. Their go to material is titanium, and they aim to design everyday carry gear to people who want to carry less things but get multiple tasks done at the same time. 

Chadwick talked about how they usually develop their projects from an idea to a product and what is important to be aware of. Chadwick introduced that for him and Joe to start a project, they first they do after an idea is to research on market to see if there is anything like that already existed, in that case, they would not going to waste time. Kickstarter is a creative community for people to bring in ideas instead of copying others. They want to bring something unique to the market. Earning the experience is a big part of their business, at the same time, they want to improve the user experience of the object instead of just being cool. They constantly go back to their pervious projects to see if their is anything else they can develop, for example their newest champaign Ti Pocket Pro is developed from their pervious champaign Ti-Ballpoint Pen + Stylus. 

Another important part of launching a champaign that Chadwick talked about is to think about the target audience and how to promote the product to them. Over promoting is something we should not do based on what Chadwick said, it is important for us to let the product speak for themselves. The impact before and after launching the champaign is also something we need to consider about. He said if they know they can finish a project within two months, they would extend the deadline a month later, in that case, they can make sure they delivery the product to the customer on time. The review and suggestion from the customer are very important, not only for the Kickstarter community but also for him and Joe, Chadwick mentioned. One more thing Chadwick highlighted was they always think about that how can they set up for vendors for success. As designer and business owner, we need to explain our design clearly and make good connection with the vendors for future success.

It was a valuable time we spent with Chadwick to learn about his experience and business through Kickstarter and as a designer. 

Effy Liu