Speaking of Promoting

In today's class we had Liz came to talk to us about what she does as a PR and how can we best promote our product. I really really really enjoy what Liz talked about, she is one of the most interesting, nicest and smartest guest speakers. 

During the break, I was trying to promote my campaign, and Instagram was my first choice, Liz mentioned it during her talk that we should use Instagram to help us to get to the right people to help us do things like writing blogs, making posts and spreading the message around. While I was researching and digging into Instagram over the break, I developed my interests in this promoting field. I have some friends trying to become internet famous so that they can have it as a job and make money, I did get to know a lot about it from them and I believe there is more information for me to get from it. I really need to do more research about it, on the other hand, a guy I asked on Instagram has over thousands fans said he was willing to help me promote. Sometimes, I am amazed how nice people are. Promoting is tricky sometimes, I really have to find out what is the best way for me, being active without being pushy. 

The next step for me will be come up with a promoting plan with the detailed steps. I need to reach out to people may be interested in my product and the market. 

Launching is in about two weeks!

Effy Liu