For the post, I am going to write about two Kickstarter projects I like the most, including one campaign from last year's EPD class and another campaign that I recently backed.  

The campaign I like the most from last year's EPD class is called HIGH DENSITY by Lauren. She made a soap dishes and two types of wall hooks from recycled plastic which are "Handmade housewares made from 100% recycled plastic, intended to serve as a functional reminder and discussion piece on consumer waste" according to Lauren. 


The campaign I recently backed is called SPLATWARE by Granby Workshop based in Liverpool, UK. They have two types of objects within the campaign which they described as "Colourful plates & cups made by squishing clay in a hydraulic press. Handmade in Liverpool. Each one is unique."

Both of these two campaigns did not make their product through manufactory. Lauren handmade all the pieces. Granby Workshop itself is a Liverpool based manufacturer of architectural ceramics, and it also produced all the pieces. In that case, all the pieces made by both of those creators are one of a kind. Lauren and Granby Workshop both produced their products in an interesting and unconventional way, with more than one product choice within the series for the audience. At the same time, they gave the audience rich stories of the process of how they made the products and told the audience the reasons that made those common housewares unique. 

There are some differences between those two campaigns. Lauren, as a senior in EPD, her campaign is all about the product itself. She gave a little background about herself, and the product of this campaign is inspired by her earlier student work. The campaign is about introducing the audience this product series she made. On the other hand, Granby Workshop gave a really rich introduction of the workshop itself. I believe a big part of its purpose is to let more people know about the workshop and what they do. The process they use to make the product is also a new manufacturing process for them, it may want to see how the market will react, based on that, it may want to do something more in the future. 

For me, I really like Lauren's introduction video, and the way she showed us the details of the product. Everything is done step by step, by looking at the picture, I know exactly how I should use the products. Those are for sure something I want to adopt for my campaign. She also had a meaningful process which made the product different from other soap dishes or wall hooks. That is something for me to think about. Different from Lauren, I probably want to give more information about myself and what I do in the campaign. Like Granby Workshop, I want to use Kickstarter as a platform to connect myself with more people out there interested in what I am doing. 

Effy Liu