Hello, I hope whoever is reading this had a great Christmas and New Year!

I has been about a month since my last update! I am sure you understand how busy I am with not just those design works, but also holiday stuff. Meantime, I never really stop working on Inrolo. 

I have finished the video and all the image I need to put in the Kickstarter page, which I cannot show you yet. I ordered all the stickers, stamps and name cards for the next promotion stage. 

For the product, I adjust the clips one more time to make sure the photos fit in perfectly. The only thing I really have left is to organize my Kickstarter page nicely. I would like o take time to do that and let people read it for many times before we launch. 

The launching date is approaching, I am excited and nervous. I want to introduce people what I have created, but I am not sure if people are going to like it. Anyway I have faith in Inrolo and hopefully things go well!

Effy Liu