Here comes another update!

It has been a while since my last update, I got lots of things done and there are still more to achieve. 

We change the launch date a week earlier on January 18th than we planed. I have no problem get things down before that, what I am worried about right now is I may not be ready to launch by December 14th due to my final prototype, because I am still waiting on my manufacturers and CNC test. For now, I plan to use the time to do test photos and write my Kickstarter story. 

For the past 10 days, I have finished my final drawing for my two manufacturing parts and sent them to my manufacturers. After spent a long time talking to them, my parts are now in production. I am very excited to see how they turn out. Here is a final drawing and a testing clip I made to show one of the manufacturers. 


Nick and I also did CNC test on a resin sheet I made, things turned out prefect, we are going to test two more bigger pieces tomorrow, and I may use CNC for some of my actual products if they turn out well. Below are the process photos I took during the CNC testing.

I also booked tons of spray paints including different colors and finishing to do some tests. There are more material tests to be done as well. I am choosing in between casted plastic and acrylic. 

For branding, I got basic things done like the name, the logo and the possible colors. I really need to come up with a detailed story and start putting that one my Kickstarter page. 

The rewards level and the price are coming together, I have been working on that daily to update the money I spent. 

There is no time to waste! I hope you enjoy what I went through, please come back for more information. 

Effy Liu