Making the final prototype is tough. There are more testing of materials and techniques than I thought it would be. I did CNC last Friday with Nick, there were some changes I need to make to the drawing, and new materials we are going to test. We will try CNC resin sheet made, let's see what is going to happen. I am also trying to finish the final drawing for my manufacturers for final price and sample. Below are some material and finishing tests. 

download (3).jpeg
download (4).jpeg

Last Friday, I took my first draft Kickstarter video with help from two friends, Beini and Danyi. It took way longer as I excepted. Luckily, we finished in a day. In that case, I will have some time to edit the video. Still need to find a good background music to go with it since I am not going to talk in my video. I was worried about not having the part that me telling people how I develop the product in person in my video, after a long debating, I decided to keep my video in the way I wanted it and having my story somewhere else in my campaign, the story is also something I need to work on. 

Another thing I am working on right now is to think about how I want to brand my product. Communicate with the audience is important, but how? I want to keep the style simple and modern in the way that catches people's eye in general. There are tons of ways to achieve that, still deciding over different styles I listed. I am thinking about making stickers, cards and the posters go with the package, but first of all, I need to consider the budget. Packaging is also huge. I do not want to spend too much money on packaging, at the same time, I do want to use the packaging to make my final product look nicer. At the moment, my idea is to use the pouch has my stamps on it to hold the product. Just a thought, I am not settled on it, but it is an option. 

One big thing I achieved these passing few days is to have a name for my product! I name it INROLO. Here are some draft logo I made for it.

That is about it for this week. Be ready for more details, information and insights.

Effy Liu