Hey! After surviving a very long and busy week, I am here for the updates.

There are so many thing I have done since the last update. Let me walk you through everything you may want to know.

First I have decided the final form, size and details of my product after a sleepless night of testing prototypes, very excited for that. Here I put two pictures of it, please have a look. 

Second, I have came up with a plan of making my product. For the top supporting part and the clip that attaches the photo and the frame, I am going to ask manufacturers to make them. For the base and the frame, I am going to make it myself. I talked to probably over 20 manufacturers to ask them about making my parts. Luckily, I settled down with two manufacturers that will make my parts with reasonable price. I just need to finalize some minor details and sizes, then send them the files of how I want them. For the frame, I did laser cutting and I am going to cast it laster for the final model. For the base, my original plan was to 3D print it and sand it then cast. After talking to Nick and Natalie in the project lab, my plan for now it to CNC the base with the red foam and cast it. This process will give it a much more smooth surface compares to the original one. 

Last Thursday, we went through the Kickstarter page of starting a project as a class. I started to think about how I want my rewards to be and how I want to sell my product. It is huge, there are tons of thought I need to put in it. This is for sure something I need to work more on.

Last but not least, I worked on the storyboard of my video and thought about the style. I really want to make this video an Wes Anderson inspired video. Not only because Wes Anderson is my favourite director, but also because I can see my product live in the world he creates. 

There are still a lot to be done, but I am very excited since now I have kind of moved on from the first stage. Please keep an eye on my process and I will be updating soon!

Effy Liu