I am finally here to update my process! During the passing couple weeks, I have done quite a lot to develop my design of the instax holder. 

Here are some prototypes I made.

download (1).jpeg

Based on the form I made, and the feedbacks I got from my professors and classmates, I decided to develop a modern, stylish form which allow the user to clip several instax photos and view them by flipping the photos. 

My design of the instax holder will be two parts, the base, and the clips. I am going to test different kinds of materials for the base, like plastic, cement, resin or metal, and even more, to find the material that expressed my design the in the best way and make the final price reasonable. I may make this part of my design myself, or hire someone to do the way I want. I was thinking about making the base by using ceramic, after talking to Chris at Penguin Foot Pottery, I decided not to use it because of the price, and do more exploration on other materials. 

For the clips, I have two materials in my consideration, metal wire and plastic/acrylic. There is no clips in the market close to the one I want, and it is a big part of my design. In that case, I will find a manufacturer. Two days ago, I talked to two manufacturers from Alibaba, and they offered good price, I am going to make my final sketch of the clips and send this by the end of this week, to see what else they can offer.

That is all I got right at this moment, I will try to come back and update more next week.

Effy Liu