Last Thursday, I showed the class the qualities I seek for an instax photo holder. It needs to be convenient to use which means the user can change the instax photo from the holder easily. Along with some other qualities like user friendly and decorative, at the same time without taking too much space. 

Before the class discussion, I wrote down some thoughts about instax photo what I want to share. More thoughts about how I want it to be and why.

If you really look at an instax photo, you probably that it already has a frame, the white edge and the smooth cover protect it from water and dust which other photos do not have. We can pretty much bring instax photo with us everywhere without having an album or frame. In the case of showing it, what we need is a stage for it to perform. Adding too much protection for instax photo will actually weaken the meaning of them. For me, instax photo means real, real life, real memory, it is something we cannot edit, add filter or erase. The ideal stage to show instax needs to be decorative, but not too fancy that overshine the photo.  It needs to fit the language and style of instax photo. Like thinking about the digital way of showing picture, taking the style of Instagramas an example, it is simple but elegant and perfectly ordered, it help showing the picture without catching people's attention on itself. An instax photo holder I want to make will be a physical version of that. It will catch people's curiosity to go over it, at the same time, leading the focus on the photo itself. It will be able to hold more than one and at least 10 instax photos to show some stories as a conversation starter or a method others can use to get to know the user better. Like an album, but the one people will actually go take a look instead of storing it in the drawer. To serving the fact that people do bring or exchange or give away instax photo sometimes, I would like to make those actions easier.   

Based on what I shared with the class and the feedback I got. I have need to figure out how I want to develop my instax holder. I personally have an atheistic way I want to incorporate with the instax holder, If I do so, that I can make it like a sculptural piece which address the needs as the same time. It will probably be limited edition and handmade by myself. Or I can keep exploring the form which will fit the needs and make sense in the best way. Last but not least, I do believe there is a reason behind the atheistic form I choose, it can be the style which influence my target user the most. In that case, I can do more research about it. 

Next week, I will come back with more information, research and updates about my project.

Effy Liu