After several rounds of ideations and class discussions I decided to move on with my idea of making an instax photo holder. 

I started sketching instax photo holders since the first round of ideation because I personally have problems with the instax photo holders I own, and I have heard few of my friends complained over the same issues. Factors like they are easy to break, very hard to open and they took too much space in general.

As I keep exploring instax, I would like to figure out two questions first. Why do we like instax photos? And why do we want to display them?

There is no question that the market of instax camera is blooming especially among the younger generations. It is easy to use and we can get the photos we take right at that moment. We can use it almost everywhere and capture the precious moment we are having. We can share with our friends physically face to face than digitally on social media. The experience of sharing is for sure one of the common reasons people like to take instax photos, at the same time, it is also one of the reason people like to display their instax pictures based on my conversation with few other people. Looking at the instax photo can bring them beck to that moment of joy and it is also a great way for people to show the others their life. It decorates the living space in a emotional way.

My target user for this project will be people who own instax camera that love to record their moments and share those with the others. They love their life and always willing to tell some stories. They use their memories to decorate their place with a good taste and they know how to enjoy themselves. 

Instax is a life style of sharing and storing memories. My goal for now is to keep exploring and help improve that experience. 

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017


Effy Liu