I am finishing up my last year in college. For this class called EPD a.k.a. entrepreneurial product development that I am talking, I will give interviews to some entrepreneurs or business owners in order to get to know this term better.

Here are some questions I prepared to ask the interviewees, take a look! 

What is your business about?

Do you have a philosophy of your business? If you do, what's that?

How do you get into this field? And how did you start your business?

Do you have any partner? If you do, how does that work? If not, how do you manage everything by yourself?

Tell me about your favorite part of your business?

Is there anything you realized after you got into the field? Is there anything different than you thought before?

What motivated/inspire you the most doing what you are doing?

Is there any moment that makes you question what you do?

How do you engage with your community?

What's the plan for the next chapter of your business?

Do you have any tip for startups?

What's your favorite movie?

I am looking forward to the interviews, cannot wait to learn more from those amazing people!

Effy Liu