his is not a shopaholic preparing for her Black Friday. I am actually only shopping for project materials now, but I still love it. 

Let me make a list here to show you what I need to get for my projects. This can also be used as a reminder.

1. Sewing machine (I need this for the longest time, if there is a good deal, I will take it. Still deciding which one I want to get.)

2. Lots of spray paint (These are actually for my EPD product development, or I can use this as an excuse to get myself some pretty colors for other projects I will be working on. I will get Montana gold cans for sure, they are the best.)

3. Smooth-On products (There are so many thing I need to get from Smooth-On, plastic, rubber, silicone, dyes, also for my product development.)

4. Tints, colors in a power form (I need those for my resin and plastic coloring, cannot tell you why, it is my secret.)

5. Yarn (My mom is going to teach me knitting to a whole new level, so I better be prepared.)

6. Clay (Oven baked clay, air dry clay, etc. I love working with clay, they are my basic supply, I just get them when I run out.)

7. Snacks (Because who doesn't need snacks while working, my treat to myself.)

Here is pretty much my list, I hope you enjoy reading it. 

Effy Liu